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No he was really not a team player on the raiders

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Q: Was randy moss better in Oakland Raiders?
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Did Randy Moss every play for Oakland Raiders?


Who was traded for randy moss?

Two draft picks to the Oakland Raiders.

Who were star Wide Receivers Oakland Raiders?

Randy Moss at one point.

Did randy moss play with the patriots in 2005?

No. He played for the Oakland Raiders in 2005.

Why did Randy Moss get traded to the Patriots?

The Oakland Raiders felt that they would have a better team if they got rid of Randy Moss who was not playing up to their expectations in Oakland was not the team leader that they needed in the locker room. Oakland never had a player of Moss' calibur and they didn't know how to use him in their game plan. What really happend was that the Oakland Raiders weren't playing to Randy Moss' expectations so he gave them what they were giving him which was no effort and insted of the raiders getting better they were too lazy and just wanted to trade him for a 4th round pick, one of the most stupid trades in the history of sports.

Which Wide receiver was moved from Minnesota Vikings to Oakland Raiders in 2005?

The receiver that was sent to Oakland from Minnesota was Randy Moss.

Who was the Oakland Raiders last 1000 yard receiver?

The Raiders last 1,000 yard WR was Randy Moss back in 2005. Moss had 1,005 yards that season!

Who did randy moss play for?

He played for the Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders, New England Patriots and the Tennessee Titans

What year did Randy Moss play for the Redskins?

Randy Moss did not play for the Redskins. He played for Minnesota Vikings (1998-2004), Oakland Raiders (2005-2006) and New England Patriots (2007-present).

Did randy moss play for the eagles?

No. He started his career on the Minnesota Vikings, then went to the Oakland Raiders, and finally New England Patriots.

What year was Randy Moss traded to the Raiders?


Who is better randy moss or terell Owens?

Randy Moss

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