Who is ben nighthorse Campbell?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ben Nighthorse Campbell is an athlete, politician, and entrepreneur from Colorado. He held the office US Senator from 1993 to 2005.

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Q: Who is ben nighthorse Campbell?
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What is Ben Nighthorse Campbell's birthday?

Ben Nighthorse Campbell was born on April 13, 1933.

When was Ben Nighthorse Campbell born?

Ben Nighthorse Campbell was born on April 13, 1933.

How old is Ben Nighthorse Campbell?

Ben Nighthorse Campbell is 78 years old (birthdate: April 13, 1933).

What is Ben Nighthorse Campbell famous for?

becuse he is a artis.

When did Ben Nighthorse Campbell die?

never he is still alive

In what Olympic sport did Ben Nighthorse Campbell excel?

Judo, but he only won his first match in the 1964 Olympics before injuring his knee in the second match and ending his career.

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