Which sports have the most fans?

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Soccer by far, about 3.7 billion fans worldwide

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Q: Which sports have the most fans?
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When sports is created?

Games is played; fans is happy.

Which sport has the most passionate fans?

Many sports fans are passionate about their sport and their favourite team. So there is no real answer to this question. Traditionally football fans sing at most grounds and support their team for the length of their lives. Football teams around the world have an attachment to the area and cannot be moved. However cricket fans in India are passionate, in usa gridiron and baseball fans are noisy and care for their favourite team, as do ice hockey fans in Canada. So no one sport has all the most passionate fans. Football has the most fans around the world and thus the highets number of passionate fans so if that is what you were asking, which sport has the largest number of passionate fans, then the answer would be football.

What is the most popular sports in visa?

the most popular sports is football

Which sport has the most number of fans world wide?

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. So it would be logic that soccer would have the most fans.

What sports businesses rely on fan attendance?

The attendance of fans is critical to the success of all sports played professionally including football, tennis, golf, cricket, basketball and baseball. The financial support of fans through attendance fees enables the professional club to exist. The critical element in attracting and keeping a fan base is the entertainment value of the sport. This is the difference between sports that have professional teams and other sports that do not have this potential.

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