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Yes they should

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Q: Should all schools allow spectators to watch sport games?
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What should be the Collective noun for people watching games?


When were there more Spectators than athletes in the Olympic games?

Generally there are more spectators than athletes.

Who were the spectators at the ancient olympic games and how did they behave?

The spectators at the ancient Olympic games were men and men only. Most of the competition was in the nude and the games were often considered to be a raucous party.

Should video games be banned from schools?


Who were the spectators in the ancient Olympic games?


What was the role of the spectators in the roman arena?

The crowds of spectators in the Roman arenas was that of watching the gladiatorial games. The Romans loved these games and supported their favourite gladiators. They also often voiced their opinions about whether a defeated gladiator should be spared or not. However, the decision rested with the organiser of the games. Most of the time the gladiators were spared.

What was the spectators role in the Colosseum festivities?

The Colosseum did not host festivities. It hosted the gladiatorial games, the most popular for of entertainment in Rome. spectators decided whether or not a losing gladiator should be spared, and chose the winner in the event of a tie.

How many spectators were at the very first Olympic games?


Who goes to the olympic games?

Officials, Athletes, the press and spectators.

Were women aloud at the olympic games?

Yes. Women are allowed in the Modern Olympic Games, both as participants, and as spectators. Women were banned from the Ancient Olympic Games held in Greece, (both as participating athletes and as spectators), but, women are certainly allowed in the Modern Olympic Games.

Could women participate or be spectators in the olympic games?

Maybe I don't no

Which Olympic Games having the highest number of spectators in attendance?


How many spectators arrive to watch the olympic games?

595 was it useful

Where did the guests of the ancient olympic games stay?

There were no guests, there were participants and spectators.

How many spectators were at the first Olympic games?

Answer (Vague)Around 20000 spectators attended the first olympic gamesAnswer (Accurate)We don't actually know.The first Olympic games were in Ancient Greece, recording the number of spectators was not a concern for the Ancient Greeks.

What was the no of spectators in Olympic games 1908 held in London?

Type your answer here... 196000

Why should schools have extra curricular activities?

Schools should have extra curricular activities as students will get bored if they only read. So schools should have extra curricular activities that physical activities are very important. In that yoga ang games are very important.

How the spectators saw gladiator fighting?

The spectators sat on the seating of the amphitheatres, the arenas were the gladiatorial games were held. The most famous of these amphitheatres was the Flavian amphitheatre, which is better known as the Colosseum.

What games did spectators see?

wrestling and running events

How did the spectators act during the Roman Gladiator games?

SCARED HAPPY having fun

What event took place in the ancient Olympics games?

Spectators gathered all around.

What games did the first spectators see at the ancient Greek Olympics?

The 200 metre race.

In which olympic games and in what year did more athletes attend the games than spectators?

In Paris in 1900 the games were part of the World's Fair and many athletes and spectators never realised that the competitions they were competing in or watching were the Olympics(it was only the second one). Some of the athletes died many years later still not knowing.

Is it a bad idea to teach kids how to play cards?

What a child is taught is up to their and their parent's preferences and beliefs. However, you should know that most schools do not allow card games or gambling on campus, so keep this in mind when making your decision.

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