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Probably Football

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2008-01-07 22:46:02
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Q: What sport draws the most spectators in a season?
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What event at the Olympics draws the most spectators?

Track and Field or swimming.

What is the most popular spectators sport in the world?

Just a guess, but it's probably soccer/football, as it is very popular worldwide, so it has many, many spectators!

What sport has the most people or spectators?

With my knowledge probably American Football, Soccer or even cricket.

Which sport has the most spectators?

The tour de France gets the most spectators at the event. Over the 3 weeks as many as 3 million people can turn out to watch at some point of the race.

What club has had the most draws in the premier league?

As of the end of the most recent season, 2010-11, the team with the greatest number of draws is Aston Villa, who have 223 draws from 734 games.

Which sport draws the most fans?

Worldwide would be soccer. In amercia it would be football.

What sporting event has the most spectaters?

football or soccer has the more spectators than any othr sport in the world.

What is a traditional sport in Hong Kong?

Football, basketball, swimming, badminton, table tennis, cycling and running have the most participants and spectators.

Which sport is most popular?

The most popular sport in the world, by a wide margin, is soccer, or "football," as it is called in most of the world. There are soccer stadiums in South America and Europe that hold over 100,000 spectators, and they are packed for every match.

What sport has the most Spectators in the United States?

Most likely Football, or baseball. My guess is football, since the Superbowl garners millions of viewers every year.

What sport uses the most balls per season?


What sport makes the most money in a season?

you make the most money from football

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