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In Basketball, ten (five from each team.)

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Q: How many players would you find on a court during a regular game?
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How many players would you find on a court during a regular game in basketball?

During a regular game of basketball, you will find ten players on the basketball court at one time (five per team).

How many players would you find on a court during a regular basketball game?

10 players . 5 each team

Can a coach give water to a player on court in netball during the game?

No, because that would be considered a foul, beacuse only players can be on the court .

How many volleyball players are on the court from on team?

in a regular in-court match, there would be 6 or 7 people. the setter, open spiker, sub-setter, middle spiker, back-court open spiker, back-court middle spiker and the libero. there would only be 7 people if the libero is in the back court as the libero cannot go into the front court. since the libero can only serve or receive.

How many players are on a volley ball court?

That would depend on if you were playing beach volleyball or indoor which have 2 and 7 players respectively.

How many players in total are there on a field at the start of a regular game of Gaelic football?

Each team has 15 players, so there would be 30 players in total at the start of the match.

Why do NBA teams play games on back to back days during the regular season but not in the playoffs?

My guess would be in the Playoffs the players need their rest, so they can peform their best when they play.

Why would you need a Blu-ray player?

you would need one if you had bluray movies because they can't play on regular DVD players. Blueray players can play regular DVD's in better quality and they have cool features like netflix, blockbuster, youtube, and more.

How many players are on the field during a football?

the answer would be about 63 considering that each football "college" team is about 30 players long...

What colour dress would players wear for Wimbledon tennis?

White, of course. Anything else and they won't let you on the court.

What is the favorite hobby of Barack Obama?

It would probably be either playing basketball with his friends or playing golf. He also enjoys reading, watching professional sports, and listening to music. He plays a regular game of full-court basketball with some former college players.

Why can there be only 5 players at once on the basketball court?

i don't think their is an answer to that i would guess to many people on the floor not enough space.

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