Which olympic country is IVB

Updated: 4/28/2022
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British Virgin Islands. Not sure why it is not BVI, which makes more sense to me.

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Q: Which olympic country is IVB
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Which of the group IVB 14 metals is the least active?

These elements are hafnium and zirconium.

Which country Olympic started?

In was in Greece from where Olympic started.

What country has hosted the last Olympic games?

The last country to host the Olympic games was England.

What Olympic sports start with C?

Cross country skiing is a Winter Olympic sport. Cross country cycling is a Summer Olympic sport.

What country does the Olympic Airways originate from?

The country the Olympic Airways originated from is Athens, Greece. The Olympic Airways, otherwise known as Olympic Airlines, is a widely known flag carrier airline.

Who pays for Gold Olympic medals?

The Olympic committee of that country. 25,000$

What Olympic country won the most Olympic medals this year?


How can you compete in the Olympic wrestling?

win your country's Olympic Wrestling Trials.

To which country does the Olympic airlines belongs to?

Olympic Airlines is based in Greece

In the Olympic Parade of Nations which country appeared first?

The country which appears first in the Olympic Parade of Nations is always Greece, because Greece started the Olympic Games thousands of years ago. And the last country to parade is the host country.

What dose the Olympic flame represent?

the start of the olympic games around the country

Which country has hosted the most Olympic editions of the Olympic Winter Games?