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Marathon Race ;

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Q: Which of the following could not be considered team sport A Basketball B Football C Soccer D Marathon Race?
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What sport do you need speed in?

the 100m and the 200m dash, marathon, hurdles, basketball, football, baseball and etc.

What was terry fox' favourite sport as a child?


What is considered to be the toughest marathon in the world?


What is the best training marathon program?

Hal Higdon sells a series of marathon training programs. He guarantees marathon success by following the programs. Check out his Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide, available at:

Is a marathon almost 385 football fields long?

If you include the 10 yard endzones on each end, then 385 football fields equals 26.25 miles, which is 55 yards longer than a marathon.

What sports are not considered a team sport?

marathon race

What sports have limited contact?

football,basketball,netball,volleyball,rabbi,catch&rescue,tag and marathon running.

Where is the Snowdonia Marathon usually located?

The Snowdonia marathon is held each year around Snowdon. It is England and Wales' highest peak. The marathon is regarded the premier marathon held in the United Kingdom, and is also considered the most difficult to run.

When does the 2011-2012 mens college basketball season start?

ESPN airs the tip off marathon on November 15.

What are the most fun half-marathon running races in America?

Due to the terrain being mostly downhill the half-marathon in is considered the most fun in America.

What is the best workout routine for preparing for a marathon?

The best workout routine for preparing for a marathon are at the following sites online , and this site .

What is a good training plan if you are running half a marathon?

There are lots of resources discussing training for a half marathon check out the following links,7120,s6-238-591--14225-0,00.html