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cornerback most of the time but safety can also pick up coverage in some defenses

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Q: Which defensive player guards the wide receiver when he goes out for a pass?
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to play cornerback you always want to be thinking pass. When playing cornerback you are most of the time going to be covering a receiver. When the receiver comes out you want to try to read if it is going to be a pass or a run play. You always want to cut off the inside route of the receiver. Sometimes you blitz as a cornerback, when blitzing you usaully want to line up of the defensive end and run in towards the ball, but you never want to go deeper then the ball. When it is a corner blitz and you have a receiver you still blitz but the linbacker goes back to safety and the safety goes to corner. That's how to play cornerback. PS. i play cornerback in my little league football im 13

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