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Greece is given the privilege as she is the nation where modern Olympics was held for the first time.

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Q: Which country leads the march past at every Olympic games?
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Which country leads the March Past during the opening ceremony in Olympics?

Greece leads the march past at every Olympic games. Greece is given the privilege as she is the nation where modern Olympics was held for the first time.

Who leads the olympic procession at the opening ceremony?

Greece,the originators of the games.

Who leads the athletes in reciting the Olympic Oath?

An athlete that represents the country where the Olympics are being held. For the 2010 Games in Vancouver, that will be an athlete that is representing Canada.

Which country leads during the march past in Olympic opening ceremony?


What team always leads the procession at the opening ceremony of the olympic games?


What country leads the total medal tally for all Olympic Games?

The United States leads the tally by a huge amount. They have won 2171 medals, way clear of Russia with 1009. Go U.S.A YAA......

Why is Greece first in the Olympic parade?

Greece has entered the parade first since the 1928 Summer Olympics. It is due to their historical ties as the founders of the Olympic games. At each game Greece leads, and the host country is the last in line.

Which country lead march past in olympic game?

greece is the country that leads the march past because it is the nation where olympics were first held

What country leads the world in swimming records?

USA generally, not in every event, but on the whole.

What is the Olympic march past?

The Olympic March Past refers to the walk that is taken by the participants of various disciplines from different countries during the opening ceremony. Greece usually leads the Olympic march past with the host country last.

What is the person who leads a country?

This person leads a country

India win medal in olympic hockey?

India can win gold medal in Olympic games .Changes are more in our national game 'hockey'.There are good players in India but because of dis encouragement of our own country leads to lose of medals in Olympics.Every one who are it present at Olympics are should be praised by the government

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