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From personal experience I'm almost positive that you can kick a Kickball further than a soccer ball. Of course someone rather athletic could be able to kick a soccer ball further then some one nonathletic could ever kick a kickball.

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Q: Which ball kicks the farthest kick ball or a soccer ball?
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Which ball kicks the farthest kick ball or soccer balls?


What was the farthest kick of a soccer ball?

The record for the longest soccer kick is 262.4 feet or 80 meters.

Which planet can you kick a soccer ball the farthest on?


What are some defensive kicks in soccer?

Attack block and goal-to-ball kick.

What are the different kinds of soccer kicks?

well it is a complicated question but: Goal kicks corner kicks free kicks indirect kick direct kick kick off bicycle kick bending ball lob ball and etc etc you have to know the game if you want to know what these mean

What is a bicycle kick?

A bicycle kick is a kick in the game of soccer where the kicker leans backwards and kicks the ball over his head.

When is a goal kick taken in soccer?

A goal kick is taken when the offense (players with the ball) kicks it past the line the goal is on. Therefore making it the defenders ball. A goal kick.

Who can kick a soccer ball the farthest and has better aim a boy or a girl?


What is a corner kick and a goal kick in soccer?

corner kicks in soccer are won if the defending team puts the ball out of play on their back line whereas goal kicks are if the offending team puts the ball behind their attacking goal

When the offense kicks the soccer ball past the end line?

There's a goal kick.

What is a drop kick in soccer?

A drop kick in soccer is where the ball is in the air, around the stomach area, and the kicker jumps in like a sideways motion, and kicks the ball in the desired location.

What age can kick a soccer ball the farthest?

the age you can kick a soccer ball thers farthest is when you are 18 years old because you are young and you kick far. Whos play modern warfare 2? everybody who has modern warfare 2 add me . My userid is userid_45-

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