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If you are interested in purchasing a soccer ball that is size 5, then you will find several online retailers available. Walmart, Ebay, Amazon, and Ozbo are just a few of the retailers that offer a size 5 soccer ball.

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Q: Where can one purchase a soccer ball size 5?
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Where can one purchase an authentic Nike soccer ball?

One can purchase an authentic Nike soccer ball from a online shopping site named eBay. They have many different styles to choose from and are very good quality.

What size soccer ball travels farthest?

The size 4 soccer ball goes the fastest because Gian Cua one of the best soccer players in the world kicked it through the whole field

Which one would compress more golf ball or a soccer ball?

Soccer ball

How big is a size 5 soccer ball?

The ball weighs about 5 pounds. I don't know the circumference or the diameter, but I have one and it is way better than the other size balls.

What can one purchase from the Pugg website?

One can purchase various types of soccer equipment from the Pugg website. One can purchase anything from soccer balls, to knee pads, and soccer goals.

When a soccer ball is headed from one player to player two across the soccer field what is the projectile?

soccer ball

What improvements have been made to the soccer ball over the years?

well they used to use a "one size fits all" soccer ball but now they have different size soccer balls depending on what age group you are in. they also have been making soccer balls not out of leather but out of plastic/rubber so it doesn't hurt as much! hope this helped :)

Where can one purchase soccer rebounders?

One can purchase soccer rebounders from the following sources: Amazon, Soccer Wave UK, Better Soccer Skills, Dick Sporting Goods, Football Is A Beauty, Walmart, Soccer Racket.

How many leather panels make up a soccer ball?

A soccer ball has anywhere from 23 leather on a small ball to 57 on a large one.

What is on the outside of a soccer ball?

outside of a soccer ball is basicly animal skin.also if you buy a cheap one the outside will be plastic.

What are the core skills of soccer?

one of the core skills of soccer are: actually knowing what soccer is knowing how to play soccer not be afraid to kick the ball know how to kick the ball be a fair sport

What is the area of one pentagon on an official soccer ball?

== ==

Sides are on a soccer ball?

One. It's a sphere.

What is a one timer in soccer?

A one timer in soccer is where if someone passes you a ball and you hit it with only one touch into the net.

Where can one purchase a bouncing ball?

You can purchase a bouncing ball at your local Walmart or Target. You can also purchase one online at Amazon and have it shipped directly to your house.

How much does it cost to make one soccer ball a football in European football?

A soccer ball is the same thing as a football in Europe. So it's free if you have a soccer ball because it already is a European football.

What is an example of momentum conserve?

If a rolling soccer ball hit a stationary soccer ball, they would both keep moving with the same momentum as the original soccer ball. (not accounting for outside forces)a series of dominoes being knocked over one by one

What is passing in soccer?

Kicking the ball from one player to another.

How many pentagonal patches are there on one soccer ball?


How do you fix a flat soccer ball?

Buy a new one

Is it harder to hit a soccer ball or softball?

I think it is harder to hit a soccer ball because one a softball is soft and a softball is threw soft

Where could one purchase Adidas soccer balls?

You can purchase Adidas soccer balls at your local Walmart,Target, or Dick's Sporting Goods. You can also purchase one online through the Amazon web store.

What is the circumference of a size 5 soccer ball?

The circumference of a Size five soccer ball is 27-28 inches. The circumference of a Size four soccer ball is 25-26 inches. The circumference of a Size three soccer ball is 23-24 inches. Sizes 2 and one are promotional balls. FIFA's international size is between 27-28inches, which is the same as a size five, except that the weight is also limited. ACCORDING TO FIFA RULE BOOK. The ball is: spherical; made of leather or other suitable material; of a circumference of not more than 70 cm (28 ins) and not less than 68 cm (27 ins); not more than 450 g (16 oz) in weight and not less than 410 g (14 oz) at the start of the match; of a pressure equal to 0.6

Where can one purchase a youth soccer jersey?

One can purchase a youth soccer jersey at various sports stores such as Sports Authority, Dick's Sporting Goods or Finish Line. You may also purchase them from online retailers.

Where can one purchase a magnetic soccer sign for a car?

There are several online websites where one can purchase a magnetic soccer sign for a car. Cafe Press, Vista Prints and Banner Buzz sell magnetic soccer signs for a car.