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It is in East Rutherford, NJ at State Routes 3 and 120 just west of the NJ Turnpike.

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The Meadowlands Stadium is located in the city of East Rutherford in the state of New Jersey in the United States of America. Meadowfields Stadium is now called MetLife Stadium.

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Q: Where is the meadowlands sports complex located?
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Where in America is the Meadowlands Sports Complex located?

The Meadowlands Sports Complex is located in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Where is the amusement park Medieval Times located?

Rutherford area, off the highway, New Jersey- near the Meadowlands Sports Complex- where the New Jersey Meadowlands State Fair ( a huge carnival) is held every summer). No connection between the two. Medieval Times is an independent outfit from the Meadowlands State Fair.

What are the coordinates for the Meadowlands Sports Complex?

40° 48′ 51″ N, 74° 4′ 26″ W40.814167, -74.073889

What is the distance from Newark Penn station to the meadowlands?

The distance from Newark Penn Station to the Meadowlands Sports Complex is 10.3 miles. The drive can take from 10 minutes to 25 minutes, depending on traffic.

Where is the 2014 super bowl game taking place?

The game will be played at Met Life Stadium at the Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

What is the New Jersey City that the New York Giants play their home games in?

Their home field is MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, part of the Meadowlands Sports Complex.

Where is Disney Wide World of Sports located?

The ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex is located at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It used to be known as Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex before it was re-branded.

Where is the Maharashtra governments state of the art sports complex is located?


What is the largest sports complex in America for shopping?

There are many large sports complexes spread out across the United States. However, American Sports Centers located in Anaheim, California is known to be the largest sports shopping complex in America.

Can you get to the meadowlands from Newark airport?

From the airport follow signs to I-95 NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE (toll).When you reach I-95 NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE, take I-95 NORTH.When you are on the exit ramp, look for signs for I-95 TO I-280 (EXITS 15W-18W) to the GEORGE WASHINGTON BRIDGE.Take I-95 NORTH to EXIT 16W which is ROUTE-3 to SECAUCUS and RUTHERFORD and the SPORTS COMPLEX. Follow signs to Meadowlands sports complex.Directions for driving.

Where is the Meadowlands Museum in Rutherford New Jersey located?

The address of the Meadowlands Museum is: 91 Crane Ave, Rutherford, NJ 07070-2539

Where is citizens bank park?

It is located in Southern Philadelphia, in an area known as the sports complex.