Where is jimmy rimmer now?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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as far as i have read about him i came thru this

After retiring from playing, he became Swansea's goalkeeping coach, having a brief spell as manager following the sacking of Kevin Cullis, before being replaced by Jan Molby. He then spent several years in China, to work as goalkeeping coach for the Chinese national team and Dalian Shide. He now coaches in Canada.

so i hope that he is there in CANADA..!!

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Q: Where is jimmy rimmer now?
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When was Jimmy Rimmer born?

Jimmy Rimmer was born on 1948-02-10.

Who were the subs in the 1968 European cup final?

for united it was jimmy rimmer a keeper and for benfica it was Aldair Santos do Nascimento, a Brazilian defender

How tall was Aston Villa goalkeeper Jimmy Rimmer?

I actually used to train with jimmy! he is about 6'0 or 6'1

Did jimmy rimmer play for Manchester united?

Goalkeeper Jimmy Rimmer played for Manchester United from 1965 to 1974, racking up 34 league appearances before being transferred to Arsenal in February of 1974.

Who were the man utd subs in the 1968 final?

1 sub. Goalkeeper Jimmy Rimmer

Has any goalkeeper played for Aston villa and Nottingham forest?

Yes. Jimmy Rimmer played for both clubs in the 80s.

Did Jimmy Rimmer receive a winners medal for the 1968 European Cup Final?

Yes he did, although he no longer has it as I bought it at auction.

Who is the only Englishman to win the European cup with two English teams?

Jimmy Rimmer, for Manchester United and Aston Villa.

Who won two European cups for two English clubs but was only on the pitch a total of less than five minutes?

Jimmy Rimmer, sub goalkeeper for Man Utd in 1968 and he was substituted after 5 mins while keeping for Aston Villa in 1982 Jimmy Rimmer was replaced by Nigel Spink after 9 minutes

What is the birth name of Matthew Rimmer?

Matthew Rimmer's birth name is Matthew Clayton Rimmer.

What is the birth name of Simon Rimmer?

Simon Rimmer's birth name is Simon Peter Rimmer.

What is the birth name of Lasse Rimmer?

Lasse Rimmer's birth name is Lasse Rimmer Nielsen.