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I actually used to train with jimmy! he is about 6'0 or 6'1

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Q: How tall was Aston Villa goalkeeper Jimmy Rimmer?
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Has any goalkeeper played for Aston villa and Nottingham forest?

Yes. Jimmy Rimmer played for both clubs in the 80s.

Who was Aston villa goalkeeper in 1880-1890?

Jimmy Warner played for Aston Villa from 1886 - 1892, as a goalkeeper.

Who won two European cups for two English clubs but was only on the pitch a total of less than five minutes?

Jimmy Rimmer, sub goalkeeper for Man Utd in 1968 and he was substituted after 5 mins while keeping for Aston Villa in 1982 Jimmy Rimmer was replaced by Nigel Spink after 9 minutes

Who is the only Englishman to win the European cup with two English teams?

Jimmy Rimmer, for Manchester United and Aston Villa.

Who was Aston Villa goalkeeper in 1997?

Australian goalkeeper Mark Bosnich played for Aston Villa between 1992 and 1999, when he joined Manchester United on a free.

Which englishman has won 2 European cups but played only 9 minutes?

Jimmy Rimmer of Manchester United verses Aston Villa in 1986.

Aston villa goalkeeper 1981?

Nigel Spink

Who was Aston Villa Goalkeeper 1952?

Keith Jones

Who was Aston villa goalkeeper in 1986?

Nigel Spink

Who was Aston Villa Goalkeeper 1920?

Cyril spiers

Who was Aston Villa Goalkeeper 1996?

Mark Bosnich

Who was the Aston villa goalkeeper in 1965?

Colin Withers

Who was Aston villa goalkeeper 1973?

Jim cumbes

Who was Aston villa goal keeper in 1957?

Nigel Sims was first choice goalkeeper for Aston Villa between 1956 and 1964.

What british players have won the European cup with 2 teams?

Jimmy Rimmer was the only one English player, who has done it. As a goalkeeper, he won his first EC Cup in 1968 with Manchester United (he was on the bench during the final) and the second one in 1982 with Aston Villa (he was injured during the final)

Which goalkeeper played only nine minutes in European cup finals but has two medals?

This was Jimmy Rimmer. He was an unused sub for Manchester United in the 1968 European Cup Final and was injured, and substituted, after just 9 minutes while playing for Aston Villa in the 1982 European Cup Final.

Who was Aston Villa Goalkeeper 1947?

Joe Rutherford, Alan Wakeman and Keith Jones were goalkeepers for Aston Villa in the early post-war period.

Who was Aston Villa goalkeeper in 2004?

Thomas Sorensen. Thomas Sorensen.

Who was Aston Villa's goalkeeper in 1953-56 season?

Trevor Ford

Who is goalkeeper for Aston Villa in 2010?

Brad Friedel is the first choice keeper at Aston villa with brad Guzan and Andy marshall as back up keepers.

Who is America's richest footballer?

IT could be Bret Freddel The goalkeeper for Aston Villa.

Who was the first goalkeeper to score in the premier league?

Peter Schmeichel for Aston Villa in 2001.

Who was the Australian goalkeeper that has played for both Aston villa and Manchester united?

mark bosnich

Jim coombs ex Aston villa goalkeeper where did he finish playing cricket?


Who is better arsenal or Aston villa?

Aston villa