Where did the athletes train?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You have to be more specific than that, because their are many different kinds of athletes that train in different places. That would be like if I asked you where does food come from (their are so many types of food that come from different places).

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Q: Where did the athletes train?
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Where do Russia's athletes train?

The Russian athletes train at training camp held by their Russian Sports Ministry.

How do Olympic athletes train for the Olympics?

they have prsonal trainers to train them

Where do athletes train for paralympics?

in their house

How do Olympic athletes train?

very hard

How long do the athletes train for?

2 years

What can athletes train for water polo?

athletes would train there muscule for their legs and arms be stronger need to swim couple laps to be a stronger swimmer

What are the special steps athletes do to win?

train like hell

How do the olympics athletes transport?

By Horse, car, train, plane or boat

How do most professional athletes train?

Professional athletes train by using workout machines that you would have at your house. They always use treadmills. They usually have one in a hot tub or shower. U like dickssss

How did the ancient Greek feel about the athletes?

the athletes were an important part of greek culture to be an athlete in Greece you had to train about 8 hours a day.

How long do the Olympic athletes train?

Well it all depends. Because if you are a good athelete then you don't have to train for so long

What can athletes do to get bigger muscles?

Eat lots of lean protein and weight train.