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Dicks Sporting goods

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Q: Where can you get a customized nike baseball glove?
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What brand glove does jimmy rollins use?

Jimmy Rollins uses a Nike baseball glove as he has a contract to use all Nike equipment. His cleats and batting gloves are also Nike.

Where can you buy a pro rv23 customized glove?

Only available through Rawlings' Pro Dept.

The most expensive baseball glove?

Technically the most expensive baseball glove is the Nike Air Diamond Elite Pro because it costs $400 exactly and the Rawlings Primo is listed @ $399.99.

What does the term full right mean in terms of a baseball glove?

It means its a glove for left handed throwers. You put it on your right hand Source: Nike store, Coaches

What is quantity in nike id?

How many of the customized shoe you are ordering.

What type of baseball glove does Joe Mauer use?

If you go to and view all the pro's customized gloves you can see his.

What glove does ricky romero use?


Does Nike have a customized kids shoe available on their webpage?

Yes, Nike allows you to customize kids shoes on their website.

What brand of batting glove does jimmy rollins wear?

Nike. Everything he wears is nike.

Where do I go to get a pair of customized Nike running shoes for myself?

It is difficult and expensive to get a pair of customized Nike running shoes. This is not something that you can walk into a mass merchandiser and order. You must purchase these at an athletic specialty shop.

What is a better glove Wilson A2K or Nike Diamond Elite Pro?

nike diamond elite pro

What is every baseball glove company?

There really is not that many reputable glove companies. Here are the main ones: Akadema, Rawlings, Wilson, Mizuno, Zett, LS, Easton, Nike, Nokona, Spalding, Diamond, Reebok, SSK.