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It depends what sport you are playing. I know that if you are playing volleyball you have to be behind the serving line which is close to the end line. In Badminton you have to be behind the service line also which is usually closer to half court

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2011-11-08 21:45:13
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Q: When serving a player must have both feet behind the end line?
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I thougth you had to have both feet behind the line when taking a throw in at soccer?

Correct You must have both feet behind the line Correct You must have both feet behind the line

Do both feet have to be behind the tee box line in golf?

Yes, both feet must be behind the tee box.

What are the three rules for a throw in soccer?

During a throw-in, the player must have both feet on the ground, both hands on the ball, and it must be delivered from over and behind the head.

What should the umpire do if the player injecting the ball has both feet behind the back line in hockey?

The player injecting the ball into a penalty corner must have at least one foot outside the circle (i.e. behind the back line) until they have played the ball. There is no penalty for having both feet behind the back line.If the injecting player does not have at least one foot outside circle when playing the ball, the penalty corner is reset and taken again.

What constitutes both feet in bounds?

Any part of both of the players feet (toe, heel, outstep, cleat, sole) must touch the turf while the player has possesion of the ball for the player to have both feet in bounds. The feet do not have to touch the turf at the same time however.

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In most areas it is 150 feet behind. I have been places where it is 300 feet behind.

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It is traveling

In basketball if a player has past half court and passes it to a player leaping from the back court is it a violation?

No, but if he/she comes down and his/her feet are behind it , it is a back court violation.

Can a basketball player who keeps both feet on the ground and who has not dribbled toss the ball in the air and catch it if he does not move his feet?

yes that is correct he can do that

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No. Only the point of the ball has to cross into the endzone to be concidered a touchdown, assuming the player has possesion of the ball. If the player catches the ball in the end zone, then yes, he has to get both feet down for the score to count. It's no different from the requirement to get both feet down for a completion on any other part of the field. In college and Canadian football, however, a player is only required to have one foot down for completions and touchdowns.

How many feet from serving line to net in volleyball?

29 feet 6 inches

How many feet to stop behind a car?

10 feet

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