When do the para Olympics start?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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1948 Summer Olympics in London

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Q: When do the para Olympics start?
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What date does the 2012 Para Olympics start?

The Para Olympics start 29th Aug 2012

What dates does para olympics start and finish?

29 August - 9 September

Is New Zealand in the Para Olympics?

Yes we do participate in the para Olympics

What is the third special Olympics called?

para olympics

What does para mean in Paralympic?

Parallel to the Olympics.

How many para Olympics did Canada win?

2 para olimpics

What other Olympics are there?

Winter Olympics , summer Olympics and Para Olympics .

How often are the para Olympics held?

They held with Olympics that is in every fouth year

Are blind people participating in the Olympics?

They could be luck to participate in the para olympics.

When do the para Olympics end?

On the 29th of September

Is there rugby in the para Olympics?

There is... it is like tag rugby

What Olympic event takes place after the Olympics?

No other event occurs after the Olympics. What about the Winter Olympics for snow type events and then the para Olympics.