What does para mean in Paralympic?

Updated: 4/22/2022
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Parallel to the Olympics.

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Parallel to the Olympics.

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Q: What does para mean in Paralympic?
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What does the word Paralympic mean?

"Para" means side by side as in "parallel lines". Therefor Paralympic means 'side by side with the Olympics.

Do you know about the Singapore Paralympics?

As of i know about paralympics singapore, Singapore National Paralympic Council (SNPC) focuses on enabling our elite para athletes to participate in major games like the ASEAN Para Games, Commonwealth Games, Asian Para Games, Asian Youth Para Games and Paralympic Games.

Fastest para Olympics 400 meters?

Oscar Pistorius of South Africa ran the fastest 400 meter paralympic time of 47.49 in this years Beijing Paralympic Games..

What does the paralympic flag mean?


Where does the world paralympic come from and what does it mean?


What is para-Olympic?

Para-olympic is short for paraplegic Olympics it is for disabled people like people in wheelchairs or with no legs Actually, as has already been stated, the "para" stands for "parallel" and not "paraplegic." While many of the participants are paraplegic (missing one or more arms or legs), others have different disabilities, such as blindness. "Paralympics" is the term used officially, by the International Paralympic Committee as well as the Paralympic Games themselves.

Why do they use the term Paralympic?

Paralympic is a combination of the words "paraplegic" (people with spinal injuries) and "Olympics". Another more formal explanation is "para" is Greek for beside or alongside and the Paralympics are held at the same time as the Olympics.....parallel/alongside.

What events are at the Paralympics?

Paralympic Archery,Paralympic Atheletics,Boccia,Paralympic Cycling-Road,Paralympic Cycling-Track.

Where was the first para 0lympics held?

The first Paralympic games took place in London in 1948. The games were called the 1948 International Wheelchair Games at that time.

What does the term paralympic mean?

I means athletes with disabilities. i.e they are in a wheelchair.

What does Te Para-para mean?

I want you to want me

Do blind people play basball in paralympic?

yes they do in paralympic