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The Ancient Olympic Games , originally referred to as simply the Olympic Games were a series of athletic competitions held between various city-states of Ancient Greece. They began in 776 BC in Olympia, Greece, and celebrated until 393 AD

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The games ended in 393 AD when they were banned by Roman emperor Theodosius because the Roman Empire adopted Christianity as their religion

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393or 394A.D

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Q: When did the ancient olymipc games start?
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Who invented the olymipc?

The ancient Greeks invented the Olympic Games.

What is the olymipc torch?

It is a torch that people light up at the start and end of the Olympics.

What city hosted olymipc games after World War 2?

London, in 1948

Did the olympic games start in ancient Egypt?

No, the olympic games started in Ancient Greece

When and where did the olympic games start?

the ancient Egypt's

When did the ancient Olympic Games start?

776 BCE.

What did the ancient olympic games start?

it started in 1990

What games did ancient greek children play?

They played a game similar with todays marbles. Also the played with little wooden or stone sculptures of horses, chariots etc. Dolls were dated in the start of greek civ (5.5 thousand years ago) during the Cycladic civ. The maskots of the 2004 Olymipc games were that first dolls that were found in the Aegean sea dated 3500-3000 years old.

Did Zeus start the Olympic Games?

No, but the ancient Olympic Games were held the sanctuary of Zeus.

When did the ancient Greek calendar start?

The answer to the question is "THE FIRST OLYMPIC GAMES"

Is Lindsay vonn a skier?

yes she is an olymipc skier

What olymipc sport is divded into alpine and Nordic?