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canoeing, seriously, it may be professional but it is not a sport.

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Q: When did canoeing become a professional sport?
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How long has Canoeing been a Olympic sport?

Canoeing was introduced to the Olympics at the 1936 Games in Berlin.

What is Percy's favorite sport?

He enjoys rowing or canoeing.

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What is Percy Jackson's favorite sport?

He enjoys rowing or canoeing.

When did athletics become a professional sport?

Rugby League split from Rugby Union to become professional in 1895. Rugby Union would not become professional for a hundred years, until after the 1995 Rugby World Cup.

What is the Olympic sport Flatwater about?

It is one of the two disciplines in canoeing or kayaking.

Why was the sport canoeing invented?

because penguins couldn't be bothered to swim

What is Hawaii's most popular sport?

the most popular sport is surfing and canoeing because lots of websites say

What was the game basketball impact?

The game of basketball has become a very professional sport

Are there any sport or activities starting with c?

Cycling, Cricket, Canoeing, Caving.

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