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Q: Eskimo roll is a term most commonly used in which sport?
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How do you do an Eskimo roll?

An eskimo roll actually has nothing to do with eskimos at all. It's when you're in a kayak in a river and your boat flips and you put your weight into the roll and you come back up on top of the water.

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What is the world record of eskimo roll?

The current world record for the most consecutive eskimo rolls in one hour is 274 rolls. The record was achieved by Freya Hoffmeister from Germany on June 26, 2011 in Hamburg.

How many types of kayak roll are there?

to my knowledge 10 types of self rescue rolls that can be done in a kayak body roll (offside) Eskimo roll (offside) sty roll / back deck (offside) hand roll (offside) 1 handed sty roll / back deck (offside)

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What sport uses an esikmo roll?


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