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A Blink of the Eye is a 0.40 of a second a 99 mph Baseball is 0.395 of a secondwhich means the baseball is faster if you don't believe watch the pros that throw 95 mph if you blink you will not the see the ball

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Q: Whats faster a blink of an eye or a 99 pitch speed baseball?
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What is the physics of baseball?

idk all of them but if a pitcher is throwing 95 mph then the ball will reach the plate at aproximately .395 of a second... the human eye takes .4 to blink so therefore a 95 mph pitch reaches the plate faster than the humn eye can blink

How do you pitch fast pitch faster in baseball?

There is a new baselayer out which increase velocity for pitching, batting and running Its by a company called asus you can find them at I bought one and it works for me . good luck

What is the difference between a softball game and a baseball game?

softballl is mainley for girls or older ppl and they throw faster and they have a bigger ball. Baseball is mainly for guys, they throw faster and have a smaller ball than softball

Is softball pitching faster than baseball?

its pretty much the same except that the ball is comming at you 10xs faster and you REALLY have to watch the ball It's pretty self-explanatory. In fast-pitch, the ball comes at you faster. In slow-pitch, the ball is coming at you slower.

What is the difference between a baseball pitch and softball pitch?

Baseball is a over-handed pitch. Softball is a under-handed pitch

Whats the difference between baseball and fast pitch softball?

Generally softball is a faster paced game than baseball. The rules of softball vary depending on which association your playing under. Some leagues start every at bat with the count at 1 and 1, this drasticaly speeds up the game. The ASA only allows you three strikes, meaning that if you have two strikes, and you foul a ball, you are out. This is done to help speed the game along. Also most softball leagues only play 7 innings as opposed to the 9 played in baseball. Some rules in major league baseball are there to help speed the game along as well, for instance the pitcher technically only has 20 seconds to throw a pitch once the catcher throws it back to him, however there are no limits to timeouts in baseball, so the batter can call a timeout any time he chooses (provided the umpire grants his request), and then the catcher can call a timeout to have a meeting on the mound with a pitcher...

When you rip a piece of paper the faster you rip the higher the pitch why?

Faster movement creates more vibrations in the paper and in turn a higher frequency (pitch)

Which of the three frequencies has the highest pitch?


In baseball can you pitch anyway you want?

In baseball the pitcher can pitch anyway they like. There is not a rule saying you have to pitch a certain way.

Do Left handed Pitchers pitch faster?


How do you pitch in fast pitch softball?

Just like slowpitch just faster and with a wind up.

What happens to the pitch of a sound when vibrations are faster?

When vibrations are faster, the pitch of the sound increases. This is because the frequency of the vibrations is directly related to the pitch of the sound produced. Higher frequency vibrations create higher pitched sounds.