What are the ou sooners?

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The Oklahoma University sports teams.

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Q: What are the ou sooners?
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What is the university of Oklahomas mascot?

sooners!(from melissa)aka biggest ou fan ever! sooners all the way.

Who are the ou sooners?

the worst team ever!!! go Texas

Are the Texas Longhorns better than the OU Sooners?

The OU Sooners have more national titles. People will feel differently, though, depending on their allegiance to different schools and states.

What is the university of oklahoma's mascot?

sooners!(from:melissa)aka biggest ou fan ever!

Does any one know value 1975 team signeed ou sooners football?


What team did USC beat in the 2005 Orange Bowl to clinch an undisputed national championship?

Oklahoma University (OU) Sooners

What number is the 2005 OSU vs OU Bedlam battle?

Number 100. They first met in 1904. The Sooners prevailed by a score of 75 to 0. In 1906 it was the Sooners 23 to 0. In 1907, Sooners, 67 to 0. In 1908, Sooners 18 to 0. In 1910, Sooners 12 to 0. In 1911, Sooners 22 to o. In 1912, Sooners 16 to 0. In 1913, Sooners 7 to 0. In 1914, The Cowboys (formerly known as the Agriculturalists, Aggies, Farmers, Tigers, Cowpokes, Waddies, and Cowpunchers) finally scored, losing 23 to 6, a final score still disputed by the schools today.

What year did Barry Switzer become head coach of the Sooners?

1973. Switzer was head coach of OU between 1973-1988.

What does the number 68 on the back of the OU Sooners helmet stand for?

it stood for the year that everyone went across the border and gave it the name sooner.

Have the Oklahoma Sooners won more championships in football than the Texas Longhorns?

Yes! OU have won 7 and Texas has 4 wins

Are the Sooners going to beat the Gators?

Yes the Sooners will beat the Gators. Ever since Sooners got beat by Texas the Sooners been making a scoring 60+ points. I will always go with the Sooners. Sooners may have been getting when they go to bowl but this the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!! So Sooners will win.

Who are the Oklahoma Sooners?

The Longhorns and the Sooners are big rivals

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