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Nike Mercurial Vapors, most recently against Brazil in the Confederations Cup he wore the Mercurial Vapors IV, but has also worn Mercurial Vapor V's and the yet to be release Vapor Superflys.

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Q: What type of soccer cleats does Landon Donovan wear?
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What type of cleats do you wear in lacrosse?

soccer, football, or lacrosse cleats

How do you know what kind of soles you need for soccer cleats?

I believe it is based on the type of surface you are playing on. Hard soil, artificial turf, slippery wet fields, all require different soccer cleats.

What type of cleats do football kickers use?

Kickers normally wear tight fitting soccer cleats, with fine kangaroo or any clean hitting surface.

What type of sneakers would be good to play lacrosse in?

Good type of sneakers to play lacrosse are shoes with support to the ankle and with cleats different from the soccer shoes cleats. These type of shoes are the best type of sneakers to play lacrosse.

What did soccer players wear before cleats?

Before shoes with cleats were popular, players wore some type of non-cleat running shoes. Some present-day players do not use cleats at all.

Can you bring soccer cleats on the airplane?

An odd question but yes, as long as they are packed safely in your checked luggage. They "may"? be considered harmful if they are of the steel/aluminum cleats type.

What type of soccer cleat should you buy if you have high arches?

If you have high arches definetly do not get nike cleats. My recommended cleats would be of the brand Adidas or puma. Jomas are also a useful high arch cleats. and get a defensive style cleat. they are built for arch.

Who have cleats and are consider the most important soccer equipment?

I don't know what you mean by who have cleats. But the most important piece of soccer equipment is the ball. You can run drills without it but you can do that without any equipment. Other than that the ball is the most important. Cleats all depends on what type of surface you are playing on, turf, grass, indoors, on fire, or ice you get my point.

Does the type of shoe you wear affect how far you kick a soccer ball?

I'm not very sure, but when you play soccer, you should wear soccer cleats that fit you well.If u want to see which type of shoe u wear it depends on ur strength of ur leg

What type of shoes do you have to wear for soccer?

They have special shoes called cleats. They kind of look like softball or football cleats except they don't have a stub on the toe. They have stubs on the bottom of the shoe. You aren't able to wear them if they have a stub on the toe.

What are the best kind of cleats for baseball?

the best kind of cleats for baseball are METAL cleats and a type called NIKE or Adidas i mostly perfer a type called SHOX

Do you have to have certain softball shoes for softball?

Depending on what type of field you play on, you can either wear cleats of turf shoes. Cleats are the most common type of softball shoe. There are both rubber cleats and metal cleats, but most leagues do not allow you to wear metal cleats.

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