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Atlanta, GA; Los Angeles, CA; St Louis,MS

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Q: What three U.S. cities have hosted summer Olympics?
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How many times has the US hosted the summer Olympics?

three times

How many times has the US hosted the summer Olympics games?

three times

Which is the correct order in which these cities held the Summer Olympics?

The United States has hosted four Summer Olympics. The three cities that hosted the games are St. Louis in 1904, Los Angeles in 1932 and 1984, and Atlanta in 1996.

When did UK host the olympic games first?

The first time the Summer Olympics were in London was in 1908. The second time was in 1948. London is the only city to have hosted the modern Summer Olympics three times, and the United Kingdom is one of only two countries that has hosted more than two modern Summer Olympics to date (the other is the United States, which has hosted four).

Has Italy ever hosted the Olympic Games?

Yes, Japan hosted the Olympics three times. Tokyo hosted the Summer Olympics in 1964, Sapporo hosted the Winter Olympics in 1972, and Nagano hosted the Winter Olympics in 1998. Tokyo is scheduled to host the Summer Olympics again in 2020.

Has Istanbul hosted the Olympics?

No, they have not. But they have the potential to win the bid for the 2020 Olympics as they are one of three on the shortlist.

Who has hosted the most olympics?

London, England has hosted the most Olympics in the history of the games. They have hosted three. 1908 (I believe), 1956, and of course 2012.

How many times has tawain hosted the Olympics?

Taiwan, or Chinese Taipei as it is recognised by the International Olympic Committee, has never hosted the Olympics. In fact technically a country never hosts the Olympics; they are awarded to a city. So, for instance, London, of which the British are justifiably proud, has hosted the games three times, but the USA has hosted the games more times, as they have been awarded to various cities (St Louis, Los Angeles twice, Atlanta, Lake Placid twice, Squaw Valley and Salt Lake City). If the games were ever to be held in Taiwan, they would probably be awarded to Taipei, which is Taiwan's biggest city.

How many cities have hosted the olympic games more than once?

Summer: 3 Athens London Los Angeles Winter: 2 Innsbruck Lake Placid

Which country hosted the winter olympic games three times in a row?

No country has ever hosted the Winter Olympics three times in a row.

What are the London Olympics?

London has hosted the Olympics three different times. The Olympics were held in 1908, 1948, and the most recent was 2012.

What years did Italy host the Olympics?

Italy has hosted three Olympic Games: Summer Olympics: 1960 - Rome Winter Olympics: 1956 - Cortina d'Ampezzo, 2006 - Turin