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Q: What sports do you use feet only?
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What sports do you use your feet?


What are some sports that use the anterior deltoid muscle?

Table tennis Croquet Squah Minly sports that use feet.

What are the names of all the sports you can play only with your feet?

Kickball and Soccer.

What sports use gravity?

Well most of the sports use gravity especially the ones when you have to not touch the ground at some point. Sports like darts don't use gravity because there feet are always on the ground.

Do you use feet for soccer?

Yes. Of all the different sports that are called Football, it is the one that most uses the feet.

What sports resemble soccer Why?

basketball, because its basically the same thing only one you use your feet the other you use your hand. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ice hockey, because it is exactly the same yet on ice.

How does the body help in sport?

it lets you use your arms and legs and feet and hands for sports

How is skateboarding different from other sports?

Skateboarding is different from most other sports because most other sports use team work and your not dealing with something under your feet.

Why can the goalie only use hands?

The goalie can use his feet as well.

How many feet are in 43560 square feet?

43560, but only if you use square ones.

Is soccer the only sport that you don't use your hands only your feet?


How many sports players use steriods?

it can't be counted but can be recognised only when the sports person is in trouble of consuming the steroids.

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