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Any type of sports actually help you gain/improve your muscles. In fact, any physical activities (Jogging, jumping, walking, etc.) help your muscles. But the thing that distinguishes each sport is how much it helps your muscles. For example, playing Basketball for 3 hours will allow your muscles to improve more than walking for 3 hours.

Although it is a bit off the topic, it is also important to notice what kind of food you eat after you exercise. Obviously, taking in excessive amount of sugar will not help you with the muscles. Protein is the most important food to eat when gaining muscles so I suggest you eat lean protein (Chicken breasts, fish, etc.)

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Participating in a sport has the benefit of actually building up the muscles one needs to play the game better. Sports that require strength to play build the muscles. The list of sports that do this are the following, with the recognition that any list cannot be complete:

1. Marathon & long distance running; running for 2 hours in a marathon will build up all one's leg muscles;

2. Swimming; this sport builds up many muscles in the arms & legs;

3. Weightlifting; the act of lifting heavy weights in a day long tournament will build up arm, leg and shoulder muscles;

4. Tennis; this is a long game and one's arm and leg muscles will benefit;

5. Football; there are many positions to play in this game, however, its safe to say that leg & arm muscles will be built up playing this sport.

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Q: What sports do you gain the most muscle in?
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Is a girl better then a guy in sports?

It really depends on the fitness of each. Most likely though, a guy will be better than a girl in sports because males are born with more muscles to develop than females. They also gain muscle just by sitting on the couch, while girls gain half of that working out for an hour. Hope this helps!

Is it easier to gain muscle from fat?

It's impossible to gain muscle from fat. You get muscle from heavy exercises and protein :>

Can you gain muscle mass and weight without working out?

Yes you most definitely will gain weight if you eat protein and not exercise. If you're working out to gain muscle, this tears your muscle fibers and the protein is used to repair the fibers. If you don't work out, the protein is going nowhere except your hips.

What makes Camoro ss the most powerful muscle car?

Its not the most powerful muscle car... its only chevys most power muscle car currently produced (excluding the zr-1, which is consider a sports car).

When you gain muscle do you gain pounds?

Yes, because as the size of your muscle increases, the mass of your muscle increases. And when the mass of your muscle increases, so does the weight.

Will you gain muscle weight if you grow taller playing basketball?

Answer: Your frame size will become larger so you will gain weight, but not from muscle mass. You can gain muscle mass from exercise.

Will Ensure make you gain Muscle?

In order to gain muscle you need to work them regardless what you eat or drink.

How do I lose and gain weight and muscle?

Maintaining a high protein low fat diet with a good exercise plan will help you to gain muscle but lose fat. This is what most people do in order to achieve just what you want.

Can you Gain muscle with out working out?


Does your weight increase with muscle gain?

When you order a steak, is it weightless? No. Of course your weight goes up when you gain muscle.

How can you gain muscle rather than fat?

well if you want to gain muscle is to work out and you don't lose fat

How much muscle gain is possible if you work out every night?

It is best if you give a muscle group at least a day or two of rest to give time to GAIN the muscle. If you lift every day you aren't going to gain good muscle mass.