What sport plays the most games?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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MLB. The average life span of a MLB ball is 5 pitches

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Q: What sport plays the most games?
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What is a cyber athlete?

One who plays video games as a competitive sport. Most play in professional tournaments.

What is the most common sport in the olympic games?

It depends on what you define the most common sport in the Olympics as, football is probably the most played sport that is included in the Olympics

What sport is Gautam Gambhir most known for playing?

Gautam Gambhir plays the sport of Indian Cricket.

What is the national of sport Russia?

russia plays football, ice hockey and basketball, they also plays Olympics games

What is the most average sport in the world that everyone plays?

Baseball and Softball.

Is the most popular sport basketball?

Yes because almost everybody plays it.

What professional sport played the most games a year?

baseball 162 games and playoffs

What is the best sports play of all time?

There are several top plays, and plays that have been done in order to end games in virtually every sport imaginable. It would be impossible to determine the best play of any sport.

What sport and games run in the Senegal?

Every or most occidental sports

What sport gets to be on television the most?

Most likely the sport with the most games per year. Golf, football, but mostly likely Soccer(Or football depending on where you're from)

What sport gets the most height including both summer and winter games?

in summer and winter games, which athlete gets the most height

Which was the most known sport in the Commonwealth Games?

I think it was swimming especially in Australia.