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Q: What sport is played with stones and brooms?
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What Olympic sport is played using stones and brooms?


What sport involves a house stones and brooms?

The sport of curling involves a house, stones and brooms.

Which sport played on ice uses brooms rocks and sliders?

Curling. a traditional American sport that is popular and was played in the Olympics

What sport is played using brooms and stones?

Curling, which is very popular in Scotland and Canada. The object is to slide a large circular stone on the ice towards a target. Nearest wins.

What sport do you brooms?


What sports are played in the Harry Potter books?

Quidich is the only one I am aware of and that sport is played by magical flying brooms

In what sport do they use brooms rocks and sliders?


What is the fictional sport played in the Harry Potter series?

Quidditch is the name of the sport. Played on brooms, it has three chasers, two beaters, a keeper and a seeker on each team. There are two bludgers, a quaffle and the snitch.

How did they improve weapons in World War 2?

they made them by stones and wooden brooms

What is a sport that is spelled like this c rL ing?

curling - its a game like shuffleboard played on ice with brooms and a big round disk.

Which sport uses brooms sliders and rocks?

Curling is a Winter sport played on ice. The rock or Stone is hurled or bowled as players use a broom to sweep the ice in front of the stone as it slide across the ice.

What suface is the sport curling played on?

Curling is played on Ice. Stones, granite stones, are pushed towards the house. Sweepers smooth the ice in front of the stone, nearest the centre of the house wins.

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