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the best ringette goalie would probably be on the Canada game ringette team so you would have to check it out

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Q: Who is the best ringette goalie player in Canada?
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The reason ringette is not popular is because nobody has really ever heard of it before and its a girls sport that originated in Canada (best place ever) and people think that girls can't compete but personally I'm in love with the sport, its the best thing I have ever done in my life it is so much fun

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You'd also have to ask if you mean in college, D1, D2 or D3, or Pros - MLL or NILA. In any league, one could argue that the best lacrosse goalie is the one with the best goals against average or the best save percentage. One could further argue that the best goalie is the player on the team with the best record. Since goalies do so much more for a team than merely make saves.

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