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Robinson Cano has been seen using a 10.3/4 size glove and an 11 inch glove.

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Troy Tulowitzki wears a 11.75 (11.3/4) inch glove.

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Q: What size glove does Robinson Cano use?
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What size glove does Robinson can use?

Robinson Cano uses a size 11.50 glove.

Does Robinson cano use steroids?

No, he hasn't

What type of cleats does Robinson Cano use?


What model glove does Robinson Cano use?

He uses a Spalding 18222 12 inch glove. It's his own glove series in spalding. Are you kidding?!?!?!? That's a bottom of the barrel glove in terms of quality. You think Cano is really gonna use that glove on the field? Professional players use professional quality custom gloves that would cost between $180 to $400 dollars. Not $29.99. I've been trying to find out what model glove it is and whether it's for sale to the public or not. Haven't been able to find any real info. It's definitely a Spalding in black-tan w/ some version of a Pro-I web. I guess they have a pro shop, because I can't find that glove available anywhere. I have the glove and it is not bottom of the barrel, it's a Spalding Pro Select glove. Very nice, price range between 140-200 dollars.

What size glove does ian kinsler use?

Kinsler uses a 11.25 inch glove.

What size glove does Phil Hughes use?

12 inch

What size glove does jimmy Rollins use?

11" to 12"

What size catchers glove does yadier molina use?

34 inches

What size baseball gloves do highschoolers use?

It all depends on the kind of glove. First base gloves are much bigger than a fielder's glove. Most fielders use a 12" or 13".

What is a good size glove for a second basemen?

The right size of glove for high school midlle infeilder is 11 1/4-11 1/2 inches.

What kind of glove does an mlb shortstop use?

most shortstops will use a littler size glove like a 11 1/2 or 11 1/4, with a i web or modified trap possibly a h web

What glove does grayson greiner use?

Rawlings gold glove.