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250 2 stroke

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Q: What size dirt bike does travis pastrana do the double back flip on?
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Who did first double back flip on dirt bike?

Travis Pastrana

Worlds best dirt bike rider?

I think Travis Pastrana. He did the first double back flip ever!!

When was the first double back flip landed on a dirt bike?

The first double backflip ever landed was made by travis pastrana in 2007

Who is the best dirt bike rider ever?

travis pastrana of course! he was the first person to do a double backflip!

What type of bike did travis pastrana drive?


What car does Travis Pastrana drive?

dirt bike

Who was the first man to ever double backflip a dirt bike?

first in competition was travis pastrana in x games best trick there may be others that have attempted before, however in terms of competitive recorded double back that would be travis

How much cc is travis pastrana bike?

rm 125

Does travis pastrana have a job?

Yes he is a dirt bike racer

What size of bike is travis pastrana's suzuki?

It is a 250 two-stroke. Back when he raced with black backgrounds it was a 125.

What bike does travis pastrana use?

he uses a suzuki RM 199

Who did the most back flips on a dirt bike?

Travis pastrana done i think 8 backflips on nitro circus in 30 seconds or 1 minute