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Something that will give you alot of energy, example something containing fat and sugar as they contain more energy

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Q: What should you eat before a long practice?
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How long before a netball game should i eat eggs?

One should eat eggs 20-30 mins before a netball game.

When do yu practice singing?

you practice singing before you eat or at any age.

How long should you eat before you train?

I find it easy to eat cake and ice cream while training.

How long after injecting insulin should you eat?

30 minutes before eating your meal.

What kind of food should you eat before sporting events?

long, warm, hairy and sticky foods

How long should you wait before exercising after you eat?

60 to 90 minutes

When should you eat before competition?

You should not eat right before a competition becuase you may feel nervous and throw up. You should at least eat 30min. before a competition

How long will organic frozen duck keep?

You should probably keep it for less than a month before you eat it.

How long should you wait for peppers are ready to eat after pickling?

5 to 10 weeks ate it before that to sour.

Should dogs eat before getting neutered?

NO! It's a surgery and feeding or giving water can be dangeous. Consult your vet as to how long before surgery you should keep them for eatting and drinking.

How should a swimmer lose weight?

You should try to eat a snack before every practice, bring lots of water to practice, and have a snack after practice. (snacks like healthy cereal, vedgies,fruits, sandwhiches, nuts, ect). I should know, I'm a swimmer too. So I hope these idea's helped. (Oh, and try to get as much sleep as possible).

What should I eat before gastric bypass surgery?

Your last meal before your gastric bypass surgery should be something that you love. You need to keep in mind that after your surgery you will be put on a special diet and you won't be able to eat the foods that you love for a long time. You should eat your favorite meal and enjoy every bit of it.