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long, warm, hairy and sticky foods

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Q: What kind of food should you eat before sporting events?
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What is the name of people who sell food at sporting events?

I think they are called Venders.

Are baked potatoes a common food item at sporting events?

No Pianoplayers

What do you mean by food and beverage sales in an event?

Food and beverage sales simply refers to the amount of food products and drinks sold in a given event. Examples of events where food and beverages may be sold at include music concerts, drama festivals, and sporting events.

What food should you eat on the day of a sporting competition?

macaroni and cheese

Which country food is funnel cakes?

A funnel cake is a dessert that is very popular in North America at fairs, carnivals, and at sporting events

Food at sport events?

Vendors selling food at sporting events have been a long time practice. Generally speaking at a baseball game for instance the foods available there are items such as hot dogs, peanuts, hamburgers, and even pizza pies.

Should Antibiotics should be taken with food before food or after food?


What kind of food should I eat after a sporting activity?

i just think you should eat some fruits and vegetable's because its healthy and good for you.

Should you have to pay for all sports events?

No, you shouldn't have to pay for ANY sports events. It should just be free. The food there should cost money, but not going in.

Is fruit taken before food or after food?

you should take it before food there is a reason for it,. a medical reason its healthy to take it before and not good to take after food,.

Should you take albendazole tablet after food or before food?

after food

What kind of food should you eat before softball?

Before softball you should eat fibre, fruits and cereal and low fat food

Why is the price of food at airports so high?

Because you are trapped there and they know it, so they charge more. just like sporting events, concerts, or even when u are on the plane....$6 for 1 can of beer

I in which time i should take dis pan 40 tab i mean after food or before food?

Before meal

When should a food worker must wash his hands before?

A food worker must wash his hands before and after any food he/she is going to touch.

What to eat the night before track events?

Anthing but junk food. Try also to eat fruits.

When to use paracetamol that is before or after food?

should paracetamol be taken with or without food

Is there should be any time gap before and after doing gym for taking any type of food-?

There should be a 15 minute time gap before and after going to the gym before you take in any type of food.

Should you cool food before refriderating?

Yes, from what I have heard and read. Moving hot food to a cold refrigerator can cause bacteria to form and grow rapidly. The food should be cooled to room temperature before refrigerating.

How long should food settle before excersizing?

food should settel in you tummy for 1 hour befor excersizing

What should you do before touching ready to eat food?

If you are serving it, you should wash your hands or wear food handling gloves.

Should antibiotics be taken before or after food?

Antibiotics should usually be taken around 30 mins before eating.

Can you freeze hot food?

Hot food should be cooled before placing it in the freezer.

Should food be covered before refrigeration?

Yes. As it will prevent the food drying out in the fridge.

When should glimpride tablets be taken before or after food?

Take these tablets before a meal.