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Brian Cushing plays Line Back for the Houston Texans.

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Q: What position does Brian Cushing play?
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What NFL team does Brian Cushing play for?

Brian Cushing plays for the Houston Texans.

What college did NFL player Brian Cushing play for?

NFL player Brian Cushing played for USC.

Does Brian cushing have a girlfriend?

Brian Cushing isn't dating NO ONE!

When was Brian Cushing born?

Brian Cushing was born on 1987-01-24.

How tall is Brian Cushing?

NFL player Brian Cushing is 6'-03''.

What is Brian Cushing's number on the Houston Texans?

Brian Cushing is number 56 on the Houston Texans.

How old is Brian Cushing?

Brian Cushing is 29 years old (birthdate January 24, 1987).

How much does NFL player Brian Cushing weigh?

NFL player Brian Cushing weighs 249 pounds.

What position does Brian Urlacher play?

Brian Urlacher plays Middle Linebacker.

What position does Brian Flynn play?

Brian Flynn is a starting pitcher for the Miami Marlins.

What position does Brian Dumoulin play?

Brian Dumoulin plays defense for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

What position does Brian Gibbons play?

Brian Gibbons plays center for the Pittsburgh Penguins.