What is Brian Cushing's number on the Houston Texans?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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Brian Cushing is number 56 on the Houston Texans.

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Q: What is Brian Cushing's number on the Houston Texans?
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What position does Brian Cushing play?

Brian Cushing plays Line Back for the Houston Texans.

Is Brian westbrook on Houston Texans?

During this current 2012-2013 NFL season Brian Westbrook is not on the Houston Texans. He is actually not on any NFL roster. Sports Media 101

Which player won the 2009 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Award?

LB Brian Cushing of the Houston Texans.

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Houston Texans versus New York Jets who wins?

The Texan will definitely beat the Jets on opening day. The Texans will be returning the # 3 ranked offense in tack from last season. Their defence is much improved from last season, with key additions of Brian Cushing, Cato June and Antonio Smith. They will compete for their first playoff apperance and possiblly the AFC South conference title. The Jets will be starting a rookie quarterback and will struggle out the gate. The Texans should win this game rather easily.

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