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the 1st place medal is gold and heavy

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was gold

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Q: What medal is used as the first place medal?
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What is third place in Olympics?

First place = a gold medal Second place = a silver medal Third place = a bronze medal

What is the first place medal in the Olympics?

It is the gold medal.

What order does the medals go?

Usually, its a gold medal for first place, silver medal for second place, and a bronze medal for third place.

What is the first place in the Olympics?

It is the gold medal.

What is the first place medal made of?


Who won the first place all around olympic medal?

in 2009 nastia Lukin one the 1st place medal for all around

What type of metallic is silver?

Silver is technically known as a transition state element, meaning that it has incompletely filled inner electron shells. It is also a precious metal that has long been used as a basis of money (second only to gold).First Place is the Gold Medal. Second Place is the Silver Medal. Third Place is the Bronze Medal.

What is the metal used in the second place medal in the Olyimpics?


What does medal does the third place competitor receive?

You get a bronze medal if you come in 3rd place.

Gold medals in an Olympics?

If a person comes in 3d place the person gets a bronze medal,if the person gets in second the person will get a silver medal, if the person comes in first place theperson will get a gold medal

If you are ahead of the second person in track and field what medal will you get?

gold, first place

Third place medal for Olympics?