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skates (obviously), stretchy pants (like yoga pants or underarmor), or a skating dress. If you are just skating, you can pretty much wear anything. (Including skates, of corse)

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Q: What marterial do you need to go figure skating?
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Figure skating movies online?

one of the most recent figure skating movies is called Ice Princess. There is also a movie called Go Figure about figure skating and hockey.

Are there any rules to figure skating?

yes there are a lot, go research it

What does it mean to go skating?

It means to go to a skating rink (either ice skating or roller skating), putting on skates, and then skating. The form of skates and the type of rink you need depends on what type of skating you wish to do.

How can you get tickets for World figure skating championships in Sweden 2008?

go to and book tickets

Is figure skating graceful?

Figure skating is a sport where if you want to look good skating you have to be graceful. I am a figureskater and help kids skate and if you don't look graceful then you look diff and don't have good balance then you will not look good skating, that is why you must practice because if you haven't been on the ice in a long time and you go out there and start skating all over you will look messy.

Is it easier to start off by your own or when your in a group when figure skating?

I personally say that it would be easier if you watched people in your local figure skating club but then go on the ice by your self so then you do not have to worry about running into people when you are practicing.

What do you need to wear for figure skating?

I'm a figure skater and I practice in a warm zip sweater, long tee, and figure skating pants (they're kind of tight and thin; you can get them at most pro shops at the ice arena) with different colored leg warmers and my hair up. When I compete I wear tights and short figure skating dresses with my hair in a bun.

Who won gold in for pairs figure skating in 2010 winter Olympics?

Shen and Zhau of China had an absolutely incredible performance in pairs figure skating and walked away with a gold medal! woohoo! They were really incredible. Go to to see them.

How do you change your costume on imagine figure skating?

Easy all u do is go to the skate shop and change ther

Is sixteen too old for figure skating?

Of course not, silly! If you want, it, go for it! Dream big, work hard.

What are some basic facts about figure skating?

* Boots and blades are worn and skated with on ice * flow and glide is required in all elements in figure skating * Free skating is jumping, spinning and step sequences * Figures(or edges) are to improve overall control * figure skating is a popular sport around the world * it is also incredibly fun! Try it!

What is the legal age to be in figure ice skating?

You have to be 16 years old to teach figure skating. But you must also have to pass the level/test that you want to teach for example if i was on intermitted i can't teach senior move in the field or freestyle. If you just want to learn, there is no limit to how old you must be! Find a class for adults or children and get started. I hope i helped :)