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What's popular today? America's two pastimes, baseball and football. Teams that won College Football championships in the 30s include Knute Rockne's Notre Dame, USC, Michigan, Alabama, Tennessee, etc...though most years saw co-champions as multiple polls were used (hmm...sound familiar?). World Series winners in the 30s included the Philadelphia Athletics (1) St. Louis Cardinals (2), NY Yankees (5), NY Giants (1), and Detroit Tigers (1). Baseball was dazzled by the likes of Dizzy Dean and Joe DiMaggio. Golf was on the front page as Bobby Jones won the 1930 U.S. Open en route to the Grand Slam, and Byron Nelson the '39 Open. Legends of the game. The Masters first was played in 1934. Then US Open was around for tennis back then too. The Depression took its toll on sports in America as attendance plummeted along with salaries of athletes, and the rise of Nazi Germany and the USSR helped push sports out of the limelight it enjoyed in the Roarin' 20s.

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Q: What kind of sports in the 30's did they play in the US?
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