How sports helps us?

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Sports give you exercise and help you get better at the sports. Also, it's fun if you play with your friends or your favourite sports.

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Q: How sports helps us?
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Related questions

Why were sports important in the 1920s?

sports is important because it helps us stay fit and healthy

Why is sports helpful?

sports help you by keeping fit and gives us power and energy to keep us going and also it helps us to exercise more...

Is sport good for your future?

sports can be played as a side activity indeed ti is good because sports help you to get a scholarship in college. It also helps us focus for example archery helps us to train the mind to focus.

How does friction help us in different ways?

Friction helps us in sports, makes us faster, stronger. Friction also can warm you up and helps to stop cars (brakes).

Is sports good for a country's development?

Yes, sport unites us and helps the government when there are big events.

How does electricity help us in day to day?

it helps us it helps us it helps us it helps us

What are at least two sports that require flexibility?

Dance, cheerleading, and gymnastics are all sports that focus heavily on flexibility, but all sports require flexibility to a degree. It helps you stay limber, which helps you keep moving and in shape, which is important to sports.

How sports and physical education assist on growth of sports?

In physical education, you are being conditioned for the sports you play. Therefore, it helps you grow in sports.

What are the importance of five sense organs?

The importance is that it helps us in many ways .the eye helps us to see ,the nose helps us to smell , the ear helps us to hear , the tongue helps us to taste and the skin helps us to touch (feel).it is also important because it helps us not only to be aware of our surroundings but also helps us to find out the dangers around us.

How does sports help in improving interpersonal skills?

helps with our muscle-mind coordination, helps improve learning development and playing sports also helps in making new friends in which you share a common bond. It helps keeping you in shape as well!

When are certain sports played in the us?

Well, there are alot of sports played in the us.My personal fav. is football which is played in the fall.Basketball is played in the spring and baseball is played in the middlr of the 2.I don't know alot but I jope that helps!!

What is a young sports leader?

a young sports leader is someone who helps train and teach children (younger sports people)

What are sports boosters?

I believe they are a sports team/club....? Not sure if this helps?

Differences between athletics and sports?

They're both actually sports... but athletics is a different type of sports... For example, high jump or long jump... Other than that is normal sports... :) Hope this helps...

Speech on sports?

Good evening my friends I'm yash and I'm going to tell you that sport is very important in our life sports helps us to improve mentally and physically it help girls to maintain there fegar and boys to get storng

Is the greek sports the same as the US sports?

Yes and no. There are some Greek sports in the USA sports.

What sports helps with reaction time?


How do sports affect a person?

it helps you grow

Is homework good for sports?

Yes, homework helps teach you responsibility, which is good for playing sports.

What are the differences between team sports and individual sports?

Team sports are with more than one person. Individual sports only have one person. Hope this helps!!!!

What sports is very important to us?

Basketball, and football are the two main sports important to us

Why sweating helps us to cool down your body?

Sweating helps you to cool down by releasing the heat from your body in the beads of sweat. Although you may get annoyed of being sweaty and sticky, it is actually helping you during exercise or sports.

What is one benefit of internal storytelling?

It helps to get buy-in from your employees.

What is Nike's purpose?

To make shoes and other sports apparel that helps the athletes in sports and to improve performance.

What sports are not found in Singapore?

Ice hockey and skiing is one of the sports not found in singapore. :) Hopes this helps.