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The game itself, the rules and regulations stay the same but the main difference is the way it's played and the philosophy is very different. In the United States, there is a lot of focus on individual skills; learning only the necessary skills to play (that's why most american bread centers can't shoot a jumper from far). There is also a lot of emphasis on the game line (number of pints, rebounds, assists, etc.).

In Europe, there's a bigger focus on team play and fundamentals. If you look at the 90's Yugoslavian team; all their players (which included Tony Kukoc, Drazen Petrovic and Vlade Divac) where able to pull "Magic" passes. All the players are excellent on fundamentals; can pass, shoot, rebound, etc; that's the reason there are a lot of big players who come from Europe that can shoot the 3 point (Okur, Kukoc, Divac)

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in my cultrure Islam the sport we play is beat the wife

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Riot starters

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Q: What is the role of sports in other cultures?
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