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The nucleus controls all functions of the cell and the captain of a sports team controls the whole team.

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Q: How is the role of the nucleus in a cell similar to the role of the captain on a sports team?
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How is the role of the nucleus in cell similar to the role of the captain on a sports team?

The nucleus is the control centre of a cell and shouts irrational orders to the other organelles, such as to "mark up" or occasionally "shoot". These incredulous commands result in the labelling of the nucleus as a "massive d-bag". Similarly, the captain orders his crew members in order to successfully sail a ship. He is often seen with an eyepatch or lost limbs due to an occasional incident of rebellion from the crew.

What is a nucleus of a cell similar to?

A Brain In A Humans body

What is similar to a cell nucleus?

a brain,teacher,heart

What structure houses a eukaryotic cell's DNA?

The structure that house a eukaryotic cells DNA is known as the nucleus. The nucleus has a membrane that is similar to a cell membrane.

What can Nucleus can be compared to?

The nucleus of a cell is similar to the brain. It is the command center of the cell.

What is similar about the cell and atom nucleus?

i dono Idiot above ^

Which part of the cell has a Similar function as the human brain?


Mitosis is a process by which?

cells are reproduced a cell nucleus divides

What is a nucleus and what does itt do?

You can think of the nucleus as the "brain" of the cells. It has functions similar to that of a brain. The nucleus is located in the center of the nucleolus of a cell.

How is your brain similar to the nucleus in the eukaryotic cell?

This is because the nucleus controls the main activities of the cell, and regulates processes and chemical reactions- similar to the brain. Hope this helps! (:

What organelle is similar to the public library?

The nucleus is similar to a library as it contains sorted information (DNA) accessible to the cell.

What cell part contains an organism's genome?

The nucleus of the cell contains the genome.