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The most players traded for a single player that I know of is 11 and occurred in 1952 when the Dallas Texans (NFL) traded the rights to 1st round draft choice LB Les Richter to the Los Angeles Rams for RB Dick Hoerner, DB Tom Keane, DB George Sims, C Joe Reid, HB Billy Baggett, T Jack Halliday, FB Dick McKissack, LB Vic Vasicek, E Richard Wilkins, C Aubrey Phillips, and RB Dave Anderson. Richter played nine seasons for the Rams and did not miss a single game. Keane, Wilkens, Hoerner, Reid, McKissack, and Baggett played for the Texans in 1952. The Texans team folded following the season and the NFL awarded the franchise to Carroll Rosenbloom who used the players from the Texans to help start the Baltimore Colts.

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Q: What is the record for most players traded for a single player in any sport?
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