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You wear a jock strap to keep your genitals supported when you play sports or work out. They fit tightly in order to keep everything pulled up against your body.

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Q: What is the purpose of wearing a tight jock strap?
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What is the purpose of a jock strap?

A jock strap is a type of underwear made to keep a man or boy's genitals pulled in tight against the body, so they don't bounce around when he works out or runs.

When should you wear jock strap underwear?

You should wear a jock strap if you need to be wearing a cup - so for sports where you might get hit. You should also wear a jock strap for support for running, working out, gym class, etc, even if a cup is not required.

How do you put on a jock strap with a cup?

1) Make sure you have a jock strap that is specifically designed for a cup. 2) Insert cup into jock strap narrow end first. 3) Pull on jock strap (with cup) as you would a pair of briefs. 4) Adjust to comfort.

When is tryout for cheerleding?

when the jock strap fits

How do you hide your bulge?

Wear a jock strap.

Do you wear a jock strap with underpants?

yes in footballNot me.No. Wearing underwear with a jock strap is the same thing as wearing two pairs of underwear at the same time, or like wearing jeans layered over sweatpants...very "Granny".a lot of people wear jock strips cuz wen they play a sport,regular underwear rides up wen u sweat and givs u a wedgie,so it kind of defeats the purposeNo Jock straps are made to replace underwear while playing a sport. Jock straps can also be used as everyday underwear but could cause "jock itch" if you don't shower after using it.

Can you wear a jock strap every day?


What is a formal term for a jock strap?

athletic supporter

Is it common for a jock strap to itch when you first where it?


What is the best brand of jock strap?

The best answer of Jock strap is bonds because bonds last for ever and ever and you can get them in a range of colours, sizes and Adults or Children

Why should you wear a jock strap when weightlifting?

Beats me. A jock strap isn't sturdy enough to offer any support for the body, people usually doesn't dance around much while lifting weights, and you're unlikely to be hit in the groin while weight lifting. OTOH, it's unlikely to be a problem. If you like wearing jock straps, go ahead.

What is the purpose of compression shorts?

Compression shorts in many cases have taken the place of the jock strap. Male athletes need some type of support for there external reproductive organs. In a sport such as football, cups are not worn and a jock strap or compression shorts are the next best thing.

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