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Q: Can you wear a jock strap every day?
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Are Lolita dresses just custumes or are they every day wear?

they are every day wear it doesnt matter what day

Is it okay to use mousse everyday?

no no no never ever wear that stuff every day because if you wear it every day then you will have to shower every day and showering everyday is really bad for your hair

What kind of watch did don Johnson wear on vice?

18ct Gold Rolex Day Date with Presidential Strap and concealed clasp

Do zookeepers wear uniforms?

yes indeed they have to wear it every day and i mean it.

Is it bad to where non prescription contacts for fun?

No it is not if you clean them every time you wear them,also dont wear them every day.

Is it dangerous to wear shoes every day?

no but if you wear them without socks then yes it is dangerous

What helps make dead hair grow?

5 mg. Biotin, also a tablespoon of Black Strap Molasses every day.

Can you wear flip flops every day?

i believe that you can wear flip flops everyday. personally i do

How long can you wear a jockstrap?

All the time. I am 15. I wear a jock all the time. Started two years ago. Its the only underwear I wear. -i think the question means how long before you need to wash it,after a couple days u should wash it,or else you will get really bad jock itch. Jocks dry so quickly that they can be washed several times a day such as after gym class.

Poland people wear what every day?

People in Poland wear exactly the same clothes as us!

What causes pain or the urgency to move your feet?

maybe you have plantar fasciitis. have you tried a heel strap? Heelaway has one that is good and you can wear it day and night with any shoe.

What do you do if you get an atomic wedgie every day?

Don't wear any underwear.