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Q: What is the prize money for a 9 dart finish in the ladbrokes pdc world darts championship 2011?
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What is the prize-money for a nine-dart finish in 2010 darts?

Raymond Van Barneveld received £25,000 for his 9 darter at Alexandra Palace, in the 2010 World Darts Championship.

What is the difference between pdc darts and world darts championships 2010?

In professional darts, there are two main organisations. BDO (British Darts Organisation) and PDC (Professional Darts Corporation). There is fierce rivalry between the two. The BDO used to be the only one, but some of the top players like Phil Taylor thought the owners didn't do enough to get big tournaments and good prize money. So he and a few other players broke away and started the PDC in 1992. The PDC has all the best players, the better tournaments and better prize money. The PDC World Championship is held at Alexandra Palace in London, usually from mid December to early January. The most recent 2010 Championship had 72 players with a winners' cheque of £200,000. The BDO World Championship is held at Frimley Green in Surrey, this year it had 32 players with a winners' cheque of £100,000. It is usual for BDO players to make the switch to the PDC if they want to become full time, and it is called darts' bitter divide.

What prize does a player receive for an NBA championship?

they get bonus money added onto there salary for playing good or leading there team to a championship. because the team gets money for wining the championship

How much do you get if you win darts?

It depends on the specific competition and the organisation will decide the prize money themselves.

How money does a f1 driver get for winning the championship?

A lot of money put it this way

Why couldn't cm punk cash money in the bank for a nather championship?

Because He wanted that Pacific Championship

Who makes the most money playing darts?

Phil Taylor is still at the top of the PDC Order of Merit.

What is the prize money for winning the npower championship?


What is stephon marbury main focus?

Money and a championship

What is the prize money for indoor championship bowls?


How much money do you get for winning the English championship?


Where are some good online sites to play poker for free?

Pretty much all of the websites where one can play for real money, also offer a toy money version of poker. So 888, Ladbrokes, Betfair and the rest of the lot offer this.

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