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It depends on the specific competition and the organisation will decide the prize money themselves.

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Q: How much do you get if you win darts?
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What is the average number of darts to win a leg?

the average is about 12-15 darts the best is 9 darts

Will you win your dad at darts when you go?

With enough practice you can beat your dad at darts.

Where is the ticket to the submarine in poptropica?

You win it in a darts game.

What two combinations in darts if score is 91 to win 501 game with two darts?

Impossible as maximum score with 2 darts is 120! T17-D20 and T19-D17

Do darts players drink beer to focus?

yh there do and when they win they get pissed

How do you get the ticket for the submarine on poptropica?

You play darts again at the pub and when you win, you get the ticket.

What two combinations in darts if score is 141 to win 501 game with two darts?

triple 17, and double 20 tripe 19, double 17

Where is the person who challenged you darts on poptropica?

He is in the back of the pub. Challenge him. If you win you get a ticket for the rowboat. If you do not win, better luck next time.

How do you get the ticket to Nessie tours?

Go right to the pub. Play a game of darts and win to get the ticket.

How much darts can the Nerf recon cs-6 hold?

One, The Semperfire RF200 isn't coming out. and second, it holds 200.

What two combinations in darts if score is 180 to win 301 game with two darts?

You cannot take out 180. The highest possible out is 170. The highest possible two-dart out is 110.

How much are sleeping darts?

however much you want to pay for them