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Matt Ryan was never in a collage...

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Q: What is the number that Matt Ryan wore in Collage?
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Which NFL quarterback wore number 2?

Matt Ryan, Tim Couch

What football players wears or wore number 2 0n their jersey?

I don't know everyone but David Akers, and Matt Ryan.

What MLB player wore number 5?

Lu Garret wore number 5

When Michael Jordan was in collage what was his basketball number?

When he played for the North Carolina Tarheels he wore number 23.

What packers player wore number 57?

matt willeg

What number did Nolan Ryan wear as an Angel?

Nolan Ryan wore uniform number 30 with the California Angels from 1972 - 1979.

What number did Nolan Ryan wear as a Met?

Ryan wore #34 in 1966 and #30 from 1968-1971.

What draft bust wore number the number 16 for the San Diego Chargers?

Ryan Leaf.

Who wore number 1 for New York Jets?

Punter Matt Turk

Who wore the number 55 for the raiders in 1983?

Matt Millen. Millen wore #55 for the Raiders between 1980-1988.

Ryan Brewer wore this jersey number while playing for the Gamecocks?


Who are some famous athletes that wore 5?

Reggie Bush wore this # in collage.